Share your route on the platform

In this section, we explain how to share your route on our platform. Do you already know how it works? Click here. Otherwise, read the stepwise explanation that is given below.

  1. Go to Google – My Maps.
  2. Click on add a map.
  3. Click on any location that you want to insert in your map. You can edit the colour and icon of this place and add a short story about this location. For example, show your favourite gallery or tell us where to get the best fish in the harbour. An explanation of the reason why this particular place is good increases the value of your map. Add as many locations that you like!
  4. You can add walking/cycling routes to your map so that one knows which route is the best to get from one location to another. You can also divide your map in various parts as is done in this map to for example split up your tour in various days.
  5. Share your map so that you can embed it. Hence link sharing should be on – public on the web.
  6. If you want the map to be visible only on this platform, you can change the share settings to: On – Anyone with the link. This makes sure that the map is still visible on this platform.
  7. Paste the map here. Add a title to your post and some tags such that your map is easy to find by using the search bar.
  8. You can add some tekst to your post if you want. At the moment it is not possible to edit your post so be sure that you make it right the first time that you post it! The picture that you add will be the cover of your post. After submission, we will have a look at your map and post it usually within a few hours.

The pictures below visualize the steps that you should perform.

Ready to share your first map?