Our favourite stroll through Amsterdam.

We offer you a route through our favourite part of Amsterdam: Amsterdam South.This route guides you through this authentic part of Amsterdam and guides you to our favourite spots in Amsterdam. This area is famous for the many Young Urban Professionals(YUPs) that live here. The streets look pretty and there are many nice coffee bars.

Start at the Heineken Brouwerij and walk south to the Avocado Show. They serve all kinds of meals with avocados. Next take a coffee to go at het Paardje and walk to het Sarfati park. After that, have a look at Coffee and Coconuts – an awesome place. Cross the canal and there is an interesting shops. Have a look inside and discover all kinds of insects an animals here!

Now you have entered the Roelof Hartstraat. This has a lot of nice shops such as the soap treament store. Walk straight and you enter het Museumplein. Here you can visit the Van Gogh Museum is excellent to spend your afternoon. Soon you enter het Vondelpark – the famous park of Amsterdam. At the end you may visit the Riviera Maison store that is a Dutch furniture store with high quality stuff!

Next to the Vondelpark you enter the PC Hooftstraat. This is the most exclusive shopping street of Amsterdam where you find all kinds of luxury shops. Cross the water and you enter het Leidseplein. Here you find de Melkweg – a famous club, and the Bulldog. This is the first Coffee shop of Amsterdam.

Lastly you walk to the 9 Streets, that is a pretty shopping area and finish the tour at the Anne Frank House – the place where Anne Frank hid during the second world war. An interesting museum, however do not come at peak times because you will have to wait for a while! Did you like our favourite spots in Amsterdam? Discover more routes here, or sign up and share your own routes with your friends!