Travel advice in the future

When we think of conventional travel guides, we go to a store to buy a book to receive some information about some kind of topic. These travel guides often share provide walking/cycling/driving routes. There must be one or more people who know these routes as they have written the book.

Moreover, when we go on holidays we often ask some one who has already been on our destination for advice. Some people always give you good advice and you are likely to ask them again on your next trip.

Everyone know some interesting route in their neighborhood. If we share these routes, we have a lot of information regarding interesting places that we do not have to go to the bookstore anymore to buy advice that is – often – adapted to the general taste.

Meet the people who give good travel advice and connect with them to find interesting routes that suit you. By connecting with them, you get updated with their last travel routes. Meet the members that have shared their routes here.


How does it work

You can find new travelers on the members page. On their routes wall you can find the routes that they have made. You can become friends with them and get updated with their new routes. If you want to share your own route and share it with your network, you can sign up for free and add your map to our platform on the share page. On this page we explain how to post a route.

  • This is a really easy way to show my followers where I have been. Now I can show them all my favourite places in one map. They can find my spots easily and do not have to look it up by theirselves. Thanks for offering this free platform!

    An Instagram user

  • This is a great way let me discover places that suit me. When using conventional travel guides, the advice sometimes does not suit me. By using this platform I can connect with people that have the same interests as me and I can follow advice that fits me.


  • I was able to get good advice from the tours. I was going to Amsterdam but I did not know which area to visit. The route on the map is clear and gives me a fast overview of where to go for a nice walk.