This walking tour guides you through Leeuwarden, the European Capital of Culture 2018!

We start at the Fries Museum. Here you can find all kinds of Frisian art and temporary exhibitions, such as an exhibition of Mata Hari. Walk down het Zaailand and you find De Neushoorn – this is a relatively new place where you can find bands. They also organize other events such as start-up evenings. It is located nearby de Harmonie, that is the theater of Leeuwarden. If you go walk north until the canal, you enter de Nieuwestad, de main shopping street of Leeuwarden. at the North side there are many nice terraces such as ROAST, that has a cool backyard as well. If you walk until de Waag, you go left and you find two nice restaurants. At Double B you can have nice burgers, and Jamuna is a grat Indian restaurant. We go left here to proceed our tour.

Eventually we go right at the Kleine Kerkstraat, which has been awarded as nicest shopping street of The Netherlands! Go right and enter the Grote Kerkstraat. After a while we go right and we see a square with some nice restaurants such as De Walrus. If you are more interested in high end food – go to Sems, at the opposite of the street. Go left on the Eewal until you see the canals. Go left here and after a while you see the ice cream shop La Venezia, the best one of Leeuwarden!

Now we follow our path back to the South and go left at the first canal. We enter the first street on the right: de Tweebaksmarkt. Here are some cool restaurants such as Eindeloos, to have high end food, and cool bars, such at the new bar Novelle.

We end our trip at the former prison, de Blokhuispoort, that is now a library and restaurant. Some cultural events are organized here as well.

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