Groningen is the student city of the Netherlands. In this map we show you some cool spots in Groningen for students.

In this map you can find the places where you can buy cheap beer or some restaurants that have nice terraces.

Blue: Cafes

  1. Hotel prinsenhof – lovely terrace.
  2. Pronk stads&terrascafe – hidden terrace in the middle of the centre.
  3. By Britta – cool coffee bar with authentic owners. The slow coffee tastes great.
  4. Kattencafe – Cafe with cats.
  5. Pernikkel – Hipster cafe.
  6. Masmas – cafe with cool atmosphere.
  7. Brouwerij Martinus – Discover how the beer is processed here.
  8. Cafe de drie uiltjes – Cafe with nice backyard.

Green: Drinks

  1. Cafe der Witz – nice and cozy bar.
  2. Cafe de toets – bar on a boat, you can also rent boats here!
  3. Casa de la Musica – learn some salsa here!
  4. Mr. Mofongo – get cocktails that are made by a robot.
  5. De Pijp wine & dine – Terrace with a view, also for dinner!
  6. Cafe het Kasteel – 13 beer for 10 euros!

Red: Food

  1. Hema – cheap breakfast!
  2. Flinders – they offer cheap meals on the day before you receive a student loan.
  3. De uurwerker – great pizzas and crowded with students.
  4. Bakkerij Blanche – nice place to have your breakfast.

Yellow: Other

  1. Groninger Forum – see some not-mainstream movies here.
  2. Vera – to discover new bands.
  3. USVA – organization for students to learn all kinds of things: painting, singing, presenting and much more.
  4. Launch cafe – Interested in building up a company? Go here as many entrepreneurs can be found here.

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