This map offers a nice route through Friesland that you can sail with your boat.

Our sailing tour starts at Warten. This brings us to the first restaurant that is located at the waterfront: De Kok en de Walvis. Sailing up north for about 30 minutes brings you to Earnewouden, a town that is located in the natural park De alde feanen. In winter, it is sometimes possible to go ice skating on the lake, but during the summer there are many boats passing by. Hotel Princenhof is a nice stop to have a drink and watch all these boats.

Sailing to Grou will take about an hour and here you find a nice lake where there are many sailboats. In summer will also find Skutsjes, that are large sailing boats. Sailing straight forward for while will bring you to Terherne – a pretty town in which the movie “De Kameleon” was shoot. Terherne is located on the edge of “het Snekermeer”. This lake has a special part where you can do waterspouts such as waterskiing. It is really cool to dock your boat at the edge of this lake and sleep in the nature. This place is very calm during the night.

Another possibility is to go to Langweer to spend your night. In summer, the atmosphere is really good in this village as there are many boats here and you can find a lot of restaurants for such a small village.

The boat tour proceeds to Woudsend, a village where you can find a typical Dutch windmill at the waterfront. Sail through Ijlst and after a while you enter Sneek, the city that cannot miss during this boat trip. It is famous for its “Sneekweek”, that is a party in August where people from all over The Netherlands go to. You can spend your day here and either dock your boat here in the harbour or at a landing place at the “Snekermeer”, that is mentioned before.


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