In this map you can see the top 10 must visit places in the Netherlands.

  1. Maastricht: This is a medieval town that shows a lot of history. It is located in the south of The Netherlands and reminds me of Belgium as the terraces are Always crowded.
  2. Amsterdam Old South. This is the most beautiful part of Amsterdam. A route in this area can be found here.
  3. Sneek. Once per year, Sneek Week is organized here. Lots of parties on boats and you can rent one by yourself to explore the Frisian countryside.
  4. Valkenswaard. The city itself and the area around it are nice. You can rent a bike and cycle to Eindhoven through the woods.
  5. The Peace Palace in The Hague. This building houses the international court of Justice. You can get tours here, but book it in advance!
  6. Ameland. This Island is really nice to visit in summer. You can go to the beach and visit pretty villages.
  7. Groningen. A real student city with lots of nice bars and restaurants. It is often neglected because of its location, however a cool town to visit.
  8. National Park de Veluwe. This park is beautiful. Get some space in our – sometimes – crowded country.
  9. Egmond aan Zee – beach. Cozy village and pretty beaches – not so crowded as the popular Scheveningen is.
  10. Breda. This is a nice city where a large castle is located in the city centre. You cannot visit it as the Military is located here.

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